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 CopyRight Information

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PostSubject: CopyRight Information   CopyRight Information EmptyFri Jul 06, 2018 10:08 pm

All of my work is copyrighted:

Do Not re-write , copy or claim any of my tutorials, scrapkits, siggy tags, incredimail letters or images as your own as the are all copyrighted.   (JZ8Q-RWIP-N1BZ-VKR7) Under the US CODE 17 §5.03

CopyRight Information Copyrighted-logo

When using my images please use this copyright information: ©️ CBK4You www.https://cbk4you.blogspot.com/  if you are using my images with a Pay to use (PTU) Artist then just use
Pic By CBK4You www.https://cbk4you.blogspot.com
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CopyRight Information
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