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 Love Is - DesignsByStina

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PostSubject: Love Is - DesignsByStina   Love Is - DesignsByStina EmptySat Jul 07, 2018 3:53 pm

ScrapKit Name: Dogtober
Scrap Designer : Designs By Stina

Love Is - DesignsByStina Stina_loveis
This tutorial assumes you have good working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and its tools. It was created and written in PspX2 but may be done in previous versions. My tutorials are from my own creative imagination any resemblance to other tutorials is strictly coincidental. If I am using a brush or mask that belongs you and I don't have you listed please let me know which tutorial and which item is yours include your designer name and website information so I can give you credit and remove them from the materials. I am copyright compliant so any tutorial that has a tube whether it is a Pay To Use (PTU) or Free To Use (FTU) will never be included in my materials. The same goes for scrap kits.

Do Not re-write , copy or claim any of my tutorials as your own as the are all copyrighted.   (JZ8Q-RWIP-N1BZ-VKR7) Under the US CODE 17 §5.03 <br><br>

Love Is - DesignsByStina Copyrighted-logo

Materials Not Included:

PlugIns Used :
Eye Candy 4: Gradient Glow

Settings Used Throughout:

  • Paper Drop Shadow:  1,1,60,4.00,#000000
  • Element Drop Shadow: 2,2,100,4.00,#000000
  • Tube Drop Shadow:  (-1), 1, 100, 4.00, #000000
  • Wordart Gradient Glow: 6,25,100,#ffffff

Tutorial Instructions:

Step 1: Open 761mpm, SHIFT+D, close original

  • Delete the template by millie layer.
  • Highlight layer1: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT


Step 2: Open paper1, CTRL+C and close

Step 3: Activate template

  • Hit the delete key
  • CTRL+D
  • Add the paper drop shadow above
  • Delete original layer

Step 4: Highlight layer 2: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

Step 5: Open paper 6: CTRL+C and close

Step 6: Activate template

  • Hit the delete key
  • CTRL+D
  • Add the paper drop shadow
  • Delete original layer

Step 7: Repeat step 4 for  layer 3; Repeat step 6

Step 8: Highlight layer 4: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

Step 9: Open paper3: CTRL+C and close

Step 10: Activate template

  • Hit the delete key

Step 11: Open 1 of the tubes: CTRL+C and close

Step 12: Activate template:

  • Layers: New Raster Layer
  • CTRL+D
  • Add tube drop shadow above
  • Highlight raster 3 layer: Add paper drop shadow
  • Delete original layer 4

Step 13: Highlight layer 5: Add Element Drop shadow above

Step 14: Open 1 of your tubes: Activate the tube layer you want (if there is more than one layer of the tube) CTRL+M, CTRL+C and close original

Step 15: Activate template

  • Highlight layer 6: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F
  • Layers: New Raster Layer: CTRL+SHIFT+L
  • CTRL+D
  • Add Tube Drop Shadow above
  • Repeat step 14 and 15 for layer 7
  • Highlight layer 8: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

Step 16: Open paper 11: CTRL+C and close

Step 17: Activate template:C

  • Hit the delete key
  • CTRL+D
  • Add paper drop shadow above
  • Delete original layer
  • Repeat with layer 9
  • Layers 10 and 11: Add the element drop shadow

Step 18-a: You can either leave the word art or delete it . I deleted it and used the additional wordart for Dogtober.  (sold separately from the Dogtober Kit) If you have the word art follow the steps below:

Step 18-b :Open wordart05: SHIFT+S: 150 px (width) all layers unchecked

  • CTRL+C and close (do not save changes to original)
  • Activate template: CTRL+L move to the center bottom (see mine for placement
  • Add wordart gradient glow

Step 19: Open leash2: CTRL+C and close

Step 20: Activate template:

  • CTRL+L
  • Add element drop shadow
  • Move layer under wordart layer

Step 21: Open ribbonflower3: CTRL+C and close

Step 22: Activate Template

  • CTRL+L
  • SHIFT+S: 500 px (width) all layers unchecked
  • Move to the left (see mine for placement)
  • Add element drop shadow
  • Duplicate, CTRL+M

Step 23: Open BiscuitBone02: CTRL+C and close

Step 24: Activate template

  • CTRL+L
  • Move to upper left corner ( see mine for placement)
  • Add element drop shadow
  • Duplicate, CTRL+M

Step 25: Open dogtag3: CTRL+C and close

Step 26: Activate template

  • CTRL+L
  • SHIFT+S: 317 px (width) all layers unchecked
  • Add element drop shadow
  • Unhide the background layer: either leave it white or choice a color of your choosing.

Step 27: SHIFT+S:  500 px ( width ) all layers checked

  • Add copyright Information
  • Watermark
  • Name
  • Save as .jpg

Thank you for trying my tutorial “Love Is”. I hope you enjoyed it. Any questions or concerns please contact Karma
Happy Creating!
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Love Is - DesignsByStina
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